Failure Is An Option

How Setbacks Breed Success
by Terry Robson

Want to be a success? Then you'll need to embrace failure first. This inspiring book by Terry Robson gives you all the insights and tools you'll need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and discover your true potential. Everybody has experienced failure at some stage - and we will no doubt experience it again, perhaps many times. the question is: does failure get the credit it deserves? In this inspiring and practical book, Terry reveals how success cannot be achieved without a willingness to embrace failure and shows us the opportunity that failure presents us to reflect and reassess.

He delves into the notion of failure from philosophical, psychological and spiritual perspectives, and provides the tools you need to not only cope with failure, but also to learn from it. the insights of life coaches, psychologists, a Buddhist nun, a Christian minister and even a Sufi counsellor are interspersed with interviews with people who have succeeded after failure - including billionaire entrepreneur Gerry Harvey, world champion surfer Layne Beachley, singer Toni Childs and television personalities Antonia Kidman and Mikey Robbins. This book is an indispensible guide to picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and discovering your true potential.

Deep Health

Take Charge of Your Health and Discover Vitality
by Terry Robson

In Deep Health Terry Robson has written a guide for living in the modern world. He examines the mind-body link, reveals the truth about some of our favourite lifestyle choices and uncovers the latest research on the healing tools to help you generate vitality.

Achieving deep health involves taking charge of your own wellbeing. It is a 'whole life' approach to living better and becoming healthier everyday - while acknowledging that sometimes chocolate, coffee and champagne are part of living! The changes you need might only be small but making them can lead to empowerment, vitality and a deeper experience of life.

This book is packed with practical information to help you to make productive life choices and tips to ensure you don't waste your money next time you buy herbs and vitamins.

Let Terry Robson help you to take charge, choose vitality, and discover deep health.

Wellbeing Food Bible

Your Guide To Food Truths & Myths
by Terry Robson

Food is such an intimate thing. It’s intimate in the sense that you put it into your body but that intimacy is heightened by the fact that you choose what food you eat and how you eat it. No wonder then that we are so passionate, and let’s admit it, defensive when it comes to our decisions about food. That’s all perfectly reasonable, but the problem comes if your food decisions are made without thought.

In this delicious publication Terry Robson gives you all you need to know to make your food choices ones that nourish, make them delicious, and make them conscious.

In addition to his own work as a science and health correspondent, Terry previously teamed up with Costa Georgiadis (now from ABC’s Gardening Australia) to produce The Organic Garden Project Book, a guide to growing and using food for healthy living. This wealth of experience added to constantly researching the latest developments in food, makes Terry perfectly placed to write a publication such as the Food Bible. Terry brings together latest research with a smattering of common sense, to provide answers to some of the big questions around food in this informative and entertaining publication.